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Mind & Introspection Illusion: How People View & Understand Themselves

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What is the Introspection Illusion? According to psychologist Emily Pronin, a psychologist at Princeton University, when humans judge others, it is by their actions; however, we judge ourselves based on our values, opinions, and thoughts. We are quick to judge the morality and/or ethical standing of someone else. But when it comes to us, we ….  Read More

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Theory of Chakras within Human Body in Buddhism & Hinduism

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What Exactly Chakras Do in Human Body? The theory of the Chakras within the human body first originated in Hinduism and Buddhism. The word ‘Chakra’ originates from the Sanskrit language and literally means ‘wheel’. The momentum that life creates in our body is through the spinning of these Chakras. If these Chakras, which have seven ….  Read More

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Why Self-Understanding Is Important for Mental Peace

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What is mental peace? We often hear the phrases “Not good for my mental peace” and/or “Good for mental peace”. We, ourselves, might have said it multiple times during conversations. To some extent, we all know we want a sort of mental peace. But we do not all know what will bring us our mental ….  Read More